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Cross Culture

Die verschiedenen Führungskulturen

Im folgenden spezifizieren wir vier Betriebskulturen unter Einsatz ihrer charakterischen Attribute:

Die Sippe

Beziehungen zwischen den Angestellten: diffus bis organisch und in Anlehnung an Verhältnisspersonen

Status symbols and Hominian activeness

Human relationship to other people
What is the person's relationship to other citizenry?

American culture treasures individuality and perceives satisfaction as reached through personal action. Maximizing one's opportunities and capabilities transmutes to a mental obligation.

Individualal achievement

Relation to other people

What is the person's relationship to other people?
United States cultivation appreciates individuality and realizes satisfaction as acquired by individualal achievement. Maximizing one's possibilities and capabilities transmutes to a moral imperative.

Culture - Quality of humanity

The quality of humanity
What is the quality of people?
Mainstream U.S. culture is positive to that degree as it is assumptive that whatsoever achievement is realizable if worked for, and that manhood is in the end perfectible - as the large indefinite amount of assist publications and video recordings marketed every year demonstrate.

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