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Individualal achievement-Relation to other people

Relation to other people

What is the individual's relation to other citizenry?

American attitude values individualism and realizes satisfaction as advanced through individualal achievement.

Increasing one's opportunities and capabilities transmutes to a mental obligation. However although Americans pride themselves on their regard for personal independence, some American business enterprises (in particular in such longstanding sectors as banking and insurance) are observably hierarchic. By relation, in collectivistic Japan, even a chief executive director whose establishment bears his name recognizes he must scale personal desires against the harmoniousness of the grouping.

Hominian activeness

What is the modality of hominian activity?

It is claimed that U.S. society does not supply definite means of achieving self-designation other than through activity and achievement, and so goal-accomplishment becomes a means by which you characterize yourself apart from the grouping. Because other persons should be able to recognize this action, it has to be seeable and measurable. Hence financial abundance supplies one measuring of prospering activeness. Within the system, employees are prompted by promises of promotion and status symbols overtly associated with rank and file such as a superlative company car and a richly fitted business office.

Buddhist mental attitudes in South-east Asia which adhere to beliefs in reincarnation appreciation that the individual is born into his/her nowaday status and circumstances by virtuousness of meritorious acts performed in a preceding life and that struggle in this life may be wasted. By averting unholy acts and by sustaining the compatibility of present circumstances, you help your probability of being born into a promoted position in your succeeding reincarnation.

Anthropomorphic activity

What is the temporal center of anthropomorphic action?

The U.S. is commonly held up as a future-determined society which accepts that the emerging can be predetermined and contained. Moreover, the future is sure to be fitter than the existing just as the present is required to be an advance on the past. However this orientation may be short-term.

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