Future and self-identification - Hominian activity

Relation to other people

What is the individual's human relationship to other people?
United States of America attitude appraises individuality and sees satisfaction as derived through personal achievement. Maximizing one's possibilities and capabilities transmutes to a moral responsibility.

But although Americans pride themselves on their attitude for personal liberty, many a American corporations (particularly in such conventional sectors as banking and insurance) are noticeably hierarchical. By comparing, in collectivist Japan, even a chief executive director whose organization bears his name cognizes he must match individualal desires against the harmoniousness of the grouping.

Hominal activeness

What is the mode of hominal activity?
It is postulated that U.S. mental attitude does not offer clear-cut means of achieving self-identification other than through action and accomplishment, and so goal-accomplishment becomes a means by which you qualify yourself separate from the group.

Because other persons should be competent to recognize this accomplishment, it has to be in sight and measurable. Therefore financial wealth provides one measuring of winning activeness. Inside the organization, employees are incited by promises of progress and status symbolizations overtly consociated with social status such as a premium company automobile and a luxuriously fitted business office.

Buddhist cultures in South-east Asia which follow beliefs in rebirth appreciation that the individual is born into his/her present status and destiny by virtue of meritable acts performed in a previous life and that effort in this life may be worthless. By preventing unrighteous acts and by preserving the harmony of current circumstances, you help your prospects of being born into a upgraded position in your next rebirth.

Hominian activity

What is the temporal emphasis of anthropomorphic activity?
United States of America is usually held up as a future-orientated society which evaluates that the future can be predetermined and disciplined. Moreover, the future is sure to be fitter than the existing just as the present mandatory to be an advance on the past. But this positioning may be short-term.


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