Humanity and Relation to nature

The quality of humanity
What is the trait of mankind?
Mainstream United States culture is affirmative insofar as it is assumed that whatsoever achievement is attainable if worked for, and that mankind is at long last perfectible - as the millions of self-help publications and video recordings marketed every year prove.

Culture and human beings

The quality of human beings
What is the nature of mankind?
Mainstream US culture is hopeful to that extent as it is assumed that any achievement is possible if worked for, and that humankind is finally perfectible - as the large indefinite quantity of assist books and broadcastings marketed every year attest.

Individualal achievement

Relation to other people

What is the person's relationship to other people?
United States cultivation appreciates individuality and realizes satisfaction as acquired by individualal achievement. Maximizing one's possibilities and capabilities transmutes to a moral imperative.


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